Clarence Township, Calhoun County Michigan

Township Services

Building Permits and Zoning
Carl K Fowler, Jr., Zoning Official

Zoning and Permits - all permits are issued at the Township Hall. Carl Fowler's Email address:

Schedule of Fees Effective 5/10/2022 - Click on the following Link:

Schedule of Zoning and Related Fees

Carl's hours are: (to be announced)

Please Note: "All fees for Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical and Zoning will be doubled if you start any construction or other trades without the proper permits being granted and obtained. Published 10/25/11


Electrical Inspector - Casey Hall 269-317-2790

Building Inspector and Site Plans Reviewer - Frank Ballard 269-209-2094

Plumbing and Mechanical Inspector - Coleman De Canick 517.812.1687

Zoning Ordinance

The Clarence Township Zoning Ordinance can be accessed by clicking the links below. Please note that the Ordinance is split into 7 files for easier loading on your web browser

There is a new form to be completed for Large Gatherings. Please click on the following link for the form: LARGE GATHERING PERMIT APPLICATION

Open Burning Ordinance

Please click on the following hyperlink to read the Open Burning Ordinance. OpenBurningOrdinance.pdf (Amendments to Township Zoning Ordinance Section 23.16)

Sewer -

The monthly sewer charge is $60. A new sewer Hook- up remains $4500.

Assessing - Township Assessor - Dan Slone

Hours are Monday from 9-2 AM.

Tax Collections

Summer tax bills are mailed July 1st and payment is due September 14th (penalty thereafter). Winter tax bills are mailed December 1st and payment and is due February 14th (penalty thereafter). After March 1st, Real Property taxes are sent to Calhoun County for collection. Personal property taxes are paid at the Township Hall.

Freedom of Information ACT (FOIA)Information

Clicking on the following links will provide more information on the Freedom of Information process. Link one explains the FOIA process, and, link two shows the FOIA application form. Here are the links: FOIA Explanation and FOIA Request Form If you need assistance, or have any questions about getting FOIA information, just call the Clarence Township Office.

Please note, the application form is a fillable form, meaning that it can be completed on your computer. In some browsers, you may need to click on "open with a different viewer" for the completion feature to work.

Dog Licenses

Can be purchased at the Township Hall starting December 1st until February 29th. One year and three year licenses are available.

Springport/Clarence Fire Department

Call 911 in an emergency. Non emergency calls may also be 911, but you must state that it is a non-emergency when answered. Burning Permits - call 517-857-2509 Fire Chief - 517-857-2621

Clarence Township Cemeteries

Clarence Township has 5 cemeteries. North Clarence (it is also called Hunt Cemetery), this is on V Drive North, Clarence Center is on 27 1/2 Mile Road, and Krenerick Cemetery is on L Drive North. These three are still used for burials. These last two are older cemeteries and will have no new burials in them. They are: Nichols Cemetery on R Drive and 26 Mile Road, and last but not least, Dyer Cemetery off of M Drive North. Please click on this link: Clarence Township Cemetary Rules and Regulations for the rules and regulations pertaining to the Township's Cemeteries.

New Contractors doing business with Clarence Township. Please complete a contractor registration form. Click on the following link to access the form: CONTRACTOR REGISTRATION FORM